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  • Andy Melton, is in the final stages of his doctoral studies in counselor education and supervision. His work is focused on the experiences of behavioral health consultants and is looking for mental health professionals working in primary care settings and in the process of obtaining professional licensure, who are willing to complete a 15-20 minute survey about training and development. Please feel free to forward to other eligible folks.
  • Mental health coverage cuts result in extra costs is a posting on Reuters by Gene Emery about how the Netherlands, in an effort to save money on mental health care by raising patient co-pays produced $15 million in short-term savings but ended up adding $29 million to the costs of treating bipolar and psychotic disorders, according to researchers.
  • Individual Insurance Market Performance in Early 2017 is an issue brief posted on The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation by Cynthia Cox and Larry Levitt that looks at recently-released first quarter financial data from 2017 to examine whether recent premium increases were sufficient to bring insurer performance back to pre-ACA levels. New data suggest that the individual market has been stabilizing and insurers are regaining profitability.
  • Medicaid Restructuring and Children with Special Health Care Needs is an executive summary/ issue brief by MaryBeth Musumeci in org about how nearly ¾ of all children with special health care needs live in low or middle income families, below 400% of the federal poverty level.
  • How good is exercise for weight loss? It might depend if you’re a man or a woman is a story reported in Coach by Sam Downing about CU researcher Rebecca Foright’s work that highlights a potential problem in studies, which rely on data drawn from male mice, overlooking the different results that may come from female mice.
  • Opioid dose reduction may benefit patients with chronic pain is an article in Healio that summarizes research that looked at dose reduction or discontinuation of long-term opioid therapy for chronic pain.
  • Eliminating the Medicaid Expansion May Cause More Damage than Congress Realizes is a posting on Health Affairs Blog by Justin Puckett and Jalpa Doshi about a case study examining how adverse tiering practices might vary for patients with HIV/AIDS based on their state’s Medicaid expansion status.
  • How Multi-Sector Health Partnerships Evolve is a posting on RWJF’s Culture of Health Blog by Emmy Ganos that discusses a report by ReThink Health that provides a snapshot of what health-focused partnerships look like and how they evolve based on 237 survey responses from 42 states, Washington DC, and the Virgin Islands.
  • The Population Health Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle: Life Expectancy Increased and Onset of Disability Delayed is a posting on Health Affairs by Neil Mehta and Mikko Myrskyla who used data from the Health and Retirement Study to look at people aged 50 and older who never smoked, were not obese and who consumed alcohol moderately. This group when compared with the whole U.S. population had a life expectancy at age 50 that was seven years longer, and experienced a delay in the onset of disability of up to six years.
  • Challenges for Insured Patients in Accessing Behavioral Health Care is an article by Dr. Deb Seymour and colleagues in Ann Fam Med about a Denver metropolitan project that confirmed that access to outpatient behavioral health care is limited despite existing ACA regulations.